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Lyrics for Explosión - Menudo - Letras de Canciones


I can hear ny heart poundin' loud
Every time I feel you're near
Something 'bout the look in your eyes
My defenses disappear
It's the tension(gettin' closer)
That you trigger
You're the spark(gettin' closer)
That makes my heart quiver
Danger warnings flash in my mind
When I hold you in my arms(warnings, warnings)
Something 'bout the thrill of your touch
Sets off all my love alarms(danger, danger)

CHORUS 1 It's your nearness
It's the pressure
Your intensity
That I treasure

CHORUS 2 Like an explosion!
My love for you
It's an explosion!
My love for you
It's an explosion
That keeps my heart beating
That keeps my soul alive-ive-ive
My whole system loses control
When I hear you call my name(warnings, warnings)
Something 'bout the sound of your voice
Sets my body into flames (danger, danger)


CHORUS 2 (Repeat)
You are the fire in me
Temperature's risin' deep within me
You spark my heart's detonation
You are the thunder, the lighting that strikes me!