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Field Type Collation Operator Value
user_id int(10)
username varchar(50) latin1_swedish_ci
password varchar(50) latin1_swedish_ci
cookie_sessid_lt varchar(50) latin1_swedish_ci
sessid_st varchar(50) latin1_swedish_ci
sessid_st_timeout int(10)
password_temp varchar(50) latin1_swedish_ci
email varchar(100) latin1_swedish_ci
email_temp varchar(110) latin1_swedish_ci
hide_email tinyint(1)
active tinyint(1)
user_data text latin1_swedish_ci
signature text latin1_swedish_ci
threaded_list tinyint(4)
posts int(10)
admin tinyint(1)
threaded_read tinyint(4)
date_added int(10)
date_last_active int(10)
last_active_forum int(10)
hide_activity tinyint(1)
show_signature tinyint(1)
email_notify tinyint(1)
pm_email_notify tinyint(1)
tz_offset tinyint(2)
is_dst tinyint(1)
user_language varchar(100) latin1_swedish_ci
user_template varchar(100) latin1_swedish_ci
moderator_data text latin1_swedish_ci
moderation_email tinyint(2)