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Field Type Collation Operator Value
forum_id int(10)
name varchar(50) latin1_swedish_ci
active smallint(6)
description text latin1_swedish_ci
template varchar(50) latin1_swedish_ci
folder_flag tinyint(1)
parent_id int(10)
list_length_flat int(10)
list_length_threaded int(10)
moderation int(10)
threaded_list tinyint(4)
threaded_read tinyint(4)
float_to_top tinyint(4)
check_duplicate tinyint(4)
allow_attachment_types varchar(100) latin1_swedish_ci
max_attachment_size int(10)
max_totalattachment_size int(10)
max_attachments int(10)
pub_perms int(10)
reg_perms int(10)
display_ip_address smallint(5)
allow_email_notify smallint(5)
language varchar(100) latin1_swedish_ci
email_moderators tinyint(1)
message_count int(10)
sticky_count int(10)
thread_count int(10)
last_post_time int(10)
display_order int(10)
read_length int(10)
vroot int(10)
edit_post tinyint(1)
template_settings text latin1_swedish_ci
count_views tinyint(1)
display_fixed tinyint(1)
reverse_threading tinyint(1)
inherit_id int(10)