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Table: extcal_1eventsextcal_1events

Table holding events and their attributes

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Field Type Collation Operator Value
id int(11)
title varchar(255) latin1_swedish_ci
description text latin1_swedish_ci
contact text latin1_swedish_ci
url varchar(100) latin1_swedish_ci
email varchar(120) latin1_swedish_ci
picture varchar(100) latin1_swedish_ci
cat tinyint(2)
day tinyint(2)
month smallint(2)
year smallint(4)
approved tinyint(1)
start_date datetime
end_date datetime
recur_type varchar(16) latin1_swedish_ci
recur_val tinyint(4)
recur_end_type tinyint(1)
recur_count tinyint(3)
recur_until date
user_id int(11)
group_id int(11)
showevent char(1) latin1_swedish_ci