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Field Type Collation Operator Value
statid int(11)
queueid int(11)
jobid int(11)
starttime int(11)
finishtime int(11)
htmlrecipients int(11)
textrecipients int(11)
multipartrecipients int(11)
trackopens char(1) utf8_general_ci
tracklinks char(1) utf8_general_ci
bouncecount_soft int(11)
bouncecount_hard int(11)
bouncecount_unknown int(11)
unsubscribecount int(11)
newsletterid int(11)
sendfromname varchar(200) utf8_general_ci
sendfromemail varchar(200) utf8_general_ci
bounceemail varchar(200) utf8_general_ci
replytoemail varchar(200) utf8_general_ci
charset varchar(200) utf8_general_ci
sendinformation mediumtext utf8_general_ci
sendsize int(11)
sentby int(11)
notifyowner char(1) utf8_general_ci
linkclicks int(11)
emailopens int(11)
emailforwards int(11)
emailopens_unique int(11)
htmlopens int(11)
htmlopens_unique int(11)
textopens int(11)
textopens_unique int(11)
hiddenby int(11)
sendtestmode int(11)