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Table: email_stats_autoresponders_recipientsemail_stats_autoresponders_recipients

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   Field  Type Collation Attributes Null Default Extra Action
   int(11)     No    Change Drop Primary Index Unique Fulltext
   int(11)     Yes    Change Drop Primary Index Unique Fulltext
   char(1) utf8_general_ci   Yes  NULL    Change Drop Primary Index Unique Fulltext
   int(11)     Yes    Change Drop Primary Index Unique Fulltext
   varchar(20) utf8_general_ci   Yes  NULL    Change Drop Primary Index Unique Fulltext
   int(11)     Yes  NULL    Change Drop Primary Index Unique Fulltext
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Indexes: Documentation
Keyname Type Cardinality Action Field
PRIMARY PRIMARY Edit Drop statid
statid_2 UNIQUE Edit Drop statid
statid_4 UNIQUE Edit Drop statid
statid_6 UNIQUE Edit Drop statid
statid_8 UNIQUE Edit Drop statid
statid_9 UNIQUE Edit Drop statid
statid_11 UNIQUE Edit Drop statid
autoresponderid_2 UNIQUE Edit Drop autoresponderid
send_status_2 UNIQUE Edit Drop send_status
recipient_2 UNIQUE Edit Drop recipient
reason_2 UNIQUE Edit Drop reason
sendtime_2 UNIQUE Edit Drop sendtime
reason_4 UNIQUE Edit Drop reason
send_status_4 UNIQUE Edit Drop send_status
recipient_4 UNIQUE Edit Drop recipient
autoresponderid_4 UNIQUE Edit Drop autoresponderid
sendtime_4 UNIQUE Edit Drop sendtime
send_status_5 UNIQUE Edit Drop send_status
sendtime_5 UNIQUE Edit Drop sendtime
reason_5 UNIQUE Edit Drop reason
recipient_6 UNIQUE Edit Drop recipient
autoresponderid_5 UNIQUE Edit Drop autoresponderid
send_status_7 UNIQUE Edit Drop send_status
reason_7 UNIQUE Edit Drop reason
recipient_8 UNIQUE Edit Drop recipient
sendtime_7 UNIQUE Edit Drop sendtime
sendtime_9 UNIQUE Edit Drop sendtime
autoresponderid_8 UNIQUE Edit Drop autoresponderid
recipient_10 UNIQUE Edit Drop recipient
send_status_10 UNIQUE Edit Drop send_status
autoresponderid_10 UNIQUE Edit Drop autoresponderid
reason_10 UNIQUE Edit Drop reason
send_status_11 UNIQUE Edit Drop send_status
email_stats_autoresponders_recipients_stat_auto_recip INDEX Edit Drop statid
statid INDEX Edit Drop statid
autoresponderid INDEX Edit Drop autoresponderid
send_status INDEX Edit Drop send_status
recipient INDEX Edit Drop recipient
reason INDEX Edit Drop reason
sendtime INDEX Edit Drop sendtime
autoresponderid_3 INDEX Edit Drop autoresponderid
statid_3 INDEX Edit Drop statid
recipient_3 INDEX Edit Drop recipient
reason_3 INDEX Edit Drop reason
send_status_3 INDEX Edit Drop send_status
sendtime_3 INDEX Edit Drop sendtime
send_status_6 INDEX Edit Drop send_status
statid_5 INDEX Edit Drop statid
recipient_5 INDEX Edit Drop recipient
sendtime_6 INDEX Edit Drop sendtime
autoresponderid_6 INDEX Edit Drop autoresponderid
reason_6 INDEX Edit Drop reason
statid_7 INDEX Edit Drop statid
recipient_7 INDEX Edit Drop recipient
send_status_8 INDEX Edit Drop send_status
sendtime_8 INDEX Edit Drop sendtime
reason_8 INDEX Edit Drop reason
send_status_9 INDEX Edit Drop send_status
recipient_9 INDEX Edit Drop recipient
autoresponderid_7 INDEX Edit Drop autoresponderid
sendtime_10 INDEX Edit Drop sendtime
autoresponderid_9 INDEX Edit Drop autoresponderid
reason_9 INDEX Edit Drop reason
statid_10 INDEX Edit Drop statid
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Space usage: 
Type Usage
Data 16,384 Bytes
Index 1,008 KB
Total 1,024 KB
Row Statistic: 
Statements Value
Format dynamic
Collation utf8_general_ci
Creation Apr 15, 2018 at 11:25 PM

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