Database: puropartypuroparty
Table: email_log_system_administratoremail_log_system_administrator

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   Field  Type Collation Attributes Null Default Extra Action
   int(11)     No    auto_increment  Change Drop Primary Index Unique Fulltext
   int(11)     No    Change Drop Primary Index Unique Fulltext
   varchar(30) utf8_general_ci   No      Change Drop Primary Index Unique Fulltext
   int(11)     No    Change Drop Primary Index Unique Fulltext
   varchar(100) utf8_general_ci   No      Change Drop Primary Index Unique Fulltext
   text utf8_general_ci   No      Change Drop Primary Index Unique Fulltext
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Indexes: Documentation
Keyname Type Cardinality Action Field
logid_2 UNIQUE Edit Drop logid
loguserid_2 UNIQUE Edit Drop loguserid
logip_2 UNIQUE Edit Drop logip
logdate_2 UNIQUE Edit Drop logdate
logtodo_2 UNIQUE Edit Drop logtodo
logid_4 UNIQUE Edit Drop logid
loguserid_4 UNIQUE Edit Drop loguserid
logdate_4 UNIQUE Edit Drop logdate
logtodo_4 UNIQUE Edit Drop logtodo
logip_4 UNIQUE Edit Drop logip
loguserid_5 UNIQUE Edit Drop loguserid
logid_5 UNIQUE Edit Drop logid
logdate_5 UNIQUE Edit Drop logdate
logtodo_6 UNIQUE Edit Drop logtodo
logip_6 UNIQUE Edit Drop logip
loguserid_8 UNIQUE Edit Drop loguserid
logid_8 UNIQUE Edit Drop logid
logdate_8 UNIQUE Edit Drop logdate
logtodo_8 UNIQUE Edit Drop logtodo
logip_8 UNIQUE Edit Drop logip
loguserid_9 UNIQUE Edit Drop loguserid
logid_10 UNIQUE Edit Drop logid
logtodo_9 UNIQUE Edit Drop logtodo
loguserid_11 UNIQUE Edit Drop loguserid
logip_9 UNIQUE Edit Drop logip
logid_12 UNIQUE Edit Drop logid
logdate_10 UNIQUE Edit Drop logdate
logdate_12 UNIQUE Edit Drop logdate
logid_14 UNIQUE Edit Drop logid
loguserid_14 UNIQUE Edit Drop loguserid
logid INDEX Edit Drop logid
loguserid INDEX Edit Drop loguserid
logip INDEX Edit Drop logip
logdate INDEX Edit Drop logdate
logtodo INDEX Edit Drop logtodo
logid_3 INDEX Edit Drop logid
logdate_3 INDEX Edit Drop logdate
loguserid_3 INDEX Edit Drop loguserid
logip_3 INDEX Edit Drop logip
logtodo_3 INDEX Edit Drop logtodo
loguserid_6 INDEX Edit Drop loguserid
logid_6 INDEX Edit Drop logid
logip_5 INDEX Edit Drop logip
logtodo_5 INDEX Edit Drop logtodo
logdate_6 INDEX Edit Drop logdate
logdate_7 INDEX Edit Drop logdate
loguserid_7 INDEX Edit Drop loguserid
logid_7 INDEX Edit Drop logid
logtodo_7 INDEX Edit Drop logtodo
logip_7 INDEX Edit Drop logip
logid_9 INDEX Edit Drop logid
logid_11 INDEX Edit Drop logid
loguserid_10 INDEX Edit Drop loguserid
loguserid_12 INDEX Edit Drop loguserid
logdate_9 INDEX Edit Drop logdate
logtodo_10 INDEX Edit Drop logtodo
logip_10 INDEX Edit Drop logip
logdate_11 INDEX Edit Drop logdate
logtodo_11 INDEX Edit Drop logtodo
logip_11 INDEX Edit Drop logip
logid_13 INDEX Edit Drop logid
loguserid_13 INDEX Edit Drop loguserid
logip_12 INDEX Edit Drop logip
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Space usage: 
Type Usage
Data 16,384 Bytes
Index 1,008 KB
Total 1,024 KB
Row Statistic: 
Statements Value
Format dynamic
Collation utf8_general_ci
Next Autoindex 1
Creation Jun 17, 2018 at 06:11 PM

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