Database: puropartypuroparty
Table: extcal_1eventsextcal_1events

Table holding events and their attributes

Field Type Function Null Value
id int(11)  
title varchar(255)  
description text  
contact text  
url varchar(100)  
email varchar(120)  
picture varchar(100)  
cat tinyint(2)  
day tinyint(2)  
month smallint(2)  
year smallint(4)  
approved tinyint(1)  
start_date datetime  
end_date datetime
recur_type varchar(16)
recur_val tinyint(4)
recur_end_type tinyint(1) unsigned  
recur_count tinyint(3) unsigned  
recur_until date
user_id int(11) unsigned  
group_id int(11) unsigned  
showevent char(1)  

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