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id artist title url
1 Alexis & Fido Eso Ehh...! 'http://www.hotget.com/dovid.php?vid=12269'
2 Angel y Khriz Ven Bailalo 'http://www.hotget.com/dovid.php?vid=406'
3 Baby Bash Menage A Trois 'http://www.hotget.com/dovid.php?vid=611'
4 Baby Bash f/ Akon Baby I'm Back 'http://www.hotget.com/dovid.php?vid=610'
5 Baby Bash f/ Tiffany Villareal Shorty Doo Wop 'http://www.hotget.com/dovid.php?vid=612'
6 Calle 13 Atrevete Te-te 'http://www.hotget.com/dovid.php?vid=12926'
7 Daddy Yankee Rompe 'http://www.hotget.com/dovid.php?vid=12448'
8 Daddy Yankee Corazones 'http://www.hotget.com/dovid.php?vid=10359'
9 Daddy Yankee Latigazo 'http://www.hotget.com/dovid.php?vid=12285'
10 Daddy Yankee Pepsi Smash Interview 'http://www.hotget.com/dovid.php?vid=12573'
11 Daddy Yankee The Roof Interview 'http://www.hotget.com/dovid.php?vid=13289'
12 Daddy Yankee f/ Don Omar Seguroski 'http://www.hotget.com/dovid.php?vid=13763'
13 DJ Kane Mia 'http://www.hotget.com/dovid.php?vid=2598'
14 DJ Kane Brinca 'http://www.hotget.com/dovid.php?vid=10045'
15 DJ Kane Pepsi Musica Interview 'http://www.hotget.com/dovid.php?vid=12290'
16 Don Omar Reggaeton Latino 'http://www.hotget.com/dovid.php?vid=10940'
17 Don Omar Reggaeton Latino (Remix) 'http://www.hotget.com/dovid.php?vid=6817'
18 Don Omar Pobre Diabla (Live - The Roof) 'http://www.hotget.com/dovid.php?vid=13844'
19 Don Omar Pobre Diabla (Live - Pepsi Musica) 'http://www.hotget.com/dovid.php?vid=10941'
20 Don Omar Donqueo 'http://www.hotget.com/dovid.php?vid=6818'
21 Don Omar Dile (Live - Pepsi Musica) 'http://www.hotget.com/dovid.php?vid=6816'
22 Don Omar f/ Tego Calderon Bandolero 'http://www.hotget.com/dovid.php?vid=12961'
23 Frankie J Don't Wanna Try 'http://www.hotget.com/dovid.php?vid=4355'
24 Frankie J Obsession (Reggaeton Remix) 'http://www.hotget.com/dovid.php?vid=4357'
25 Frankie J More Than Words 'http://www.hotget.com/dovid.php?vid=4359'
26 Frankie J How To Deal 'http://www.hotget.com/dovid.php?vid=4358'
27 Frankie J Mucho Mas (Live - Pepsi Musica) 'http://www.hotget.com/dovid.php?vid=12494'
28 Frankie J Don't Wanna Try (Live - The Roof) 'http://www.hotget.com/dovid.php?vid=12455'
29 Frankie J f/ Baby Bash Obsession 'http://www.hotget.com/dovid.php?vid=4356'
30 Intocable Aire 'http://www.hotget.com/dovid.php?vid=4293'