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Edit Delete 142 Acceptable image file types? acceptimg Seperate file types by a comma and include the . (... .jpg,.jpeg,.png 12 6
Edit Delete 141 Acceptable multimedia file types? acceptmm Seperate file types by a comma and include the . (... .mpeg,.mpg,.avi,.asf,.wmv,.mov 11 6
Edit Delete 64 Your mailing address to receive COPPA permission f... address     6 8
Edit Delete 4 Administrator Email Address adminemail 4 1
Edit Delete 123 Do you want to allow people to download their favo... allowfavzip   yes 11 2
Edit Delete 99 Allow multimedia uploads? allowmedia   no 8 2
Edit Delete 98 Allow users to create Personal Albums? allowpa   yes 7 2
Edit Delete 68 Allow users to post comments? allowpost   yes 4 2
Edit Delete 100 Allow members to rate photos? allowrate   yes 20 5
Edit Delete 66 Allow new user registrations? allowregs   yes 8 8
Edit Delete 67 Allow users to upload photos? allowup   yes 3 2
Edit Delete 80 Do you want to allow ZIP uploads? allowzip   no 5 2
Edit Delete 86 Enable watermarking of photos with overlay image? annotate   no 1 10
Edit Delete 177 Directory for backups? backupdir The full path to the directory to store backups   29 1
Edit Delete 21 Trigger medium graphic height and width biggraphic An uploaded larger than this will create a medium ... 600 4 6
Edit Delete 193 Use popup window for BIG images? bigpopup If you want BIG photos to appear using a popup win... no 31 5
Edit Delete 44 Save and display medium and large images? bigsave   yes 6 6
Edit Delete 166 BotBuster Integration botbuster Set to yes if you have BotBuster on your system (t... no 22 1
Edit Delete 211 Minutes to cache index page data for featured phot... cachetimeout Number of minutes to cache information. Default is... 10 36 1
Edit Delete 212 Show Calendar PAL? calpal Do you want to display the calendar pal, yes or no... yes 16 11
Edit Delete 139 How many days after an eCard has been read do you ... cardage   7 14 2
Edit Delete 140 Expire eCards after how many days (even if not rea... cardexpire   90 13 2
Edit Delete 48 Require users to be registered to send an e-Card? cardreg   yes 3 5
Edit Delete 217 Use category cache? catcache On some larger sites, using the category cache can... yes 36 1
Edit Delete 50 Depth (number of levels) of categories to display. catdepth   1 2 3
Edit Delete 58 Show post count and photo details for cats without... catdetails   no 3 3
Edit Delete 128 Pixel size of borders for images/thumbnails cellpadding Thickness - set to 0 for no border 1 8 9
Edit Delete 70 Your Commission Junction click-through URL cjurl     6 2
Edit Delete 182 Message displayed when closed closedmsg   The galleries are temporarily down for maintainenc... 21 1
Edit Delete 167 Enable ZLIB page compression compression Set to on if you want to enable Zlib page compress... 0 23 1
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