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Edit Delete 37 cright cright     300 0
Edit Delete 84 PhotoPost Version pversion   5.6 53 0
Edit Delete 1 Title for your PhotoPost Application galleryname   My Photo Gallery 1 1
Edit Delete 2 Web site name webname 2 1
Edit Delete 3 Your Website URL (include http://) domain 3 1
Edit Delete 4 Administrator Email Address adminemail 4 1
Edit Delete 5 URL to PhotoPost data directory datadir This is the web / virtual path to the data directo... 5 1
Edit Delete 6 Full SERVER PATH to PhotoPost data directory datafull Full path to the image files directory. /home/www/puroparty/photos/data/ 6 1
Edit Delete 8 Full path to Header Include file header To include an HTML file as the header, enter the f... /path/to/php/header.htm 8 1
Edit Delete 9 Full path to the Footer include file footer To include an HTML file as the footer, enter the f... /path/to/php/footer.htm 9 1
Edit Delete 10 Full path to HTML file containing head tags headtags   /path/to/php/headtags.htm 10 1
Edit Delete 11 URL to PhotoPost PHP directory maindir 11 1
Edit Delete 49 URL to PhotoPost images directory idir 13 1
Edit Delete 81 PATH to UPLOADS directory? zipuploaddir   /home/www/puroparty/photos/uploads 16 1
Edit Delete 82 URL to UPLOADS directory? zipuploadurl 17 1
Edit Delete 133 Use Spider-friendly URLs? spider   no 15 1
Edit Delete 166 BotBuster Integration botbuster Set to yes if you have BotBuster on your system (t... no 22 1
Edit Delete 167 Enable ZLIB page compression compression Set to on if you want to enable Zlib page compress... 0 23 1
Edit Delete 168 Date format ppdateformat Keywords: dow, month, mm, dd, yyyy dow month dd, yyyy 24 1
Edit Delete 169 GMT Offset gmtoffset If you are running VB and want the server to displ... 0 25 1
Edit Delete 170 Enable IP Cache Timeout ipcache This variable is used to track IP addresses and us... 0 26 1
Edit Delete 174 Debug Setting debug How do you want PhotoPost to handle errors? 0 27 1
Edit Delete 176 Imaging Integration (IM or GD) usegd Select ImageMagick or GD1/GD2 for image processing 2 28 1
Edit Delete 177 Directory for backups? backupdir The full path to the directory to store backups   29 1
Edit Delete 178 Path to mysqldump mysqldumppath The full path to your mysqldump executable /usr/bin/mysqldump 30 1
Edit Delete 179 Path to jpegtran (if used) jpegtran If you would like to clean any JPG image uploaded ... /usr/bin/jpegtran 18 1
Edit Delete 180 Path to jhead (if used) jhead_command This only needs to be set if you are extracting EX... /usr/bin/jhead 19 1
Edit Delete 181 Gallery Open? ppboards   open 20 1
Edit Delete 182 Message displayed when closed closedmsg   The galleries are temporarily down for maintainenc... 21 1
Edit Delete 198 Use 24 hour time format? timeformat You can elect to have time displayed as HH:MMam or... no 32 1
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