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Host: mysql.puroparty.com
Database: puroparty
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name value comment title
adUsername ppcru Your admin username Admin Username
adPassword pasale1 Your admin password Admin Password
adEmail robert1999@gmail.com Your admin email address Admin Email
adWebTitle PuroParty.com Your website title Website Title
adWebDescription Latino Entertainment Your website description Website Description
adWebURL http://www.puroparty.com Your backlink URL Website Address
dbHost mysql.puroparty.com Your database host Database Host
dbUsername puroparty Your database username Database Username
dbPassword pasale1 Your database password Database Password
dbName puroparty Your database name Database Name
emailThanks We have received your submission and will review your link asap. Thank you for submitting link Thank You Email
emailApprove Your link has been approved! Approved link email Approved Link
emailNoRecip We are unable to find a reciprocal link, your link has been approved here: No reciprocal link found No Reciprocal
emailNewLink You have received a new link submission. New link added New Link
emailSig Regards Admin Email signature Email Signature
installDir http://www.puroparty.com/links/ Directory of installation Installation Directory
chosenSkin default Skin template Skin Template